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Get Your own Tag Cloud

Tag clouds are cool these days and as you can see below can look really awesome in a website. Why don't you get one based on your account, favourite eBay category or even your flickr tags, then put it on your blog.

example tag cloud

eBay Wish List - Show your favorite searches set in eBay as an eBay wishlist to your friends... you have to add text around it to tell them how to give you the gift... should be cool for Christmas!
eBay tag cloud - show most popular searches in a category as a tag cloud. I cache results and recheck eBay once a day.
flickr tag cloud - show your flickr tags as a tag cloud linking to those photos. I cache results and recheck flickr once an hour. tag cloud - show your tags as a tag cloud of links.


Skype Users Online Yesterday

I have been playing around a little bit with pulling data at regular time intervals and also with creating graphs using the excellent JP Graph for PHP. I wanted an interesting project to let me do this. It struck me it'd be cool to see the number of skype users online at any time over the last day. To do this I pull the data skype exposes hourly. Therefore these numbers are just samples of the curve, either side of the on the hour mark the numbers could vary drastically and of course skype doesn't change the feed every millisecond either ;) but it's a cool curve to see anyway. As a disclaimer this graph is obviously not official skype data it's just a hack built off their RSS feed of users online therefore could be totally inaccurate, I have no idea! (the red line is the same day last week)

skype users online yesterday